What’s the Buzz in Juilliard Student Council?

Topic Report from General Council Meeting

What’s the buzz in JSC? 

(Juilliard Student Council Topic Report, taken from General Council Meeting on Jan 14th)

Executive Council Tasks

Constitutional Revision

JSC is planning to revise the Student Council constitution. It will be officially updated and ratified by February 4th meeting.

Presidential Meeting

JSC is planning the next meeting with President Polisi- this will be our second meeting of the school year in a space with 2nd floor administration.

Student Body Concerns 

Sustainability CRISIS 

1st year student has been bringing his own reusable containers for eating in the cafeteria as means to promote sustainable cafeteria habits. JSC thinks this idea is EPIC, and we have an interest in exciting more students to participate in the cafeteria dining like this- encouraging students to bring their own re-usable Tupperware, silverware, etc to eliminate the heavy waste from plastic containers in the cafeteria, until Juilliard administration will comply in purchasing more sustainable dish ware/ waste options.

Student Spaces 

Daniel Parker and Janice Gho will walk the school space, with these questions in mind:

Where is there undefined space for student interaction? How can we feel more comfortable in this school environment? How can we spruce up the practice rooms, make them more user friendly and accessible? 

What’s up with the lobby art?

The Graphic design art that used to be in lobby is now on 4th floor. The “Shower Curtain” that used to be in lobby is now on the far side of balcony in Peter J Sharp Theater. Brittany Hewitt talked with Alexandra Day – The Larkin Foundation made gift for lobby improvements – worked with design group to create photo mural that will spell Juilliard in composite.


Brittany Hewitt plans to create a Juilliard-student initiated mural on one of the many white walls of the fifth floor. This will be a student collaboration with Joan Warren and facilities. We are seeking Juilliard visual artists who would be interested in this project. CONTACT US!!!!


JSC is working on further addressing the winter dorm closure issue. This is of SIGNIFICANT student concern, we are brainstorming solutions for the future.


“Take Back The Night”

Emma Pfitzer Price plans to team up with new Title IX Coordinator, Camille Pajor, and the Women’s Empowerment Club, to host a “Take Back The Night” event for survivors and victims of sexual assault and harassment -creating safe space for students to engage in these issues, reclaim sexuality and start conversation and how it pertains to our work here as artists. JSC interested also in finding more active, participatory ways for students to learn about sexual assault issues during Orientation Week, and sustain these lessons beyond.

Diversity Audit

JSC is working towards our long term goal in pushing administration for a school-wide diversity audit (similar to artEquity’s work with the Drama Division)

Interested in what we’re chatting about? Ideas/suggestions/concerns/inspirations? We need your input! Come on down! We are here to advocate YOU. Here are some upcoming meeting dates:

Wednesday, January 31st 8:30AM-9:30AM Executive Council Meeting, SMR

Sunday, February 4th 5PM General Council Meeting, SMR

Wednesday, February 7th 8:30AM-9:30 AM Executive Council Meeting, SMR