Never Stop Fighting: Political Speeches Today in Paul Hall

Tomorrow in Paul Hall: “A collection of political speeches put together by the members of Drama Group 47 to fight the growing danger of our country’s divisive political climate.”

In this post-election 2016, our divided country is in need of some vital, if perhaps uncomfortable conversations. My Group at Juilliard has put together a collection of political speeches ranging from 1851 to 2016, and will be performing them on campus in Paul Hall. If you are a student, come. Juilliard’s President, Joseph Polisi, will be attending, and we want to show the school how important these issues on race, gender, patriotism, and climate change are to us.

If you are not a student of Juilliard, I’m afraid there’s not a way you can see this performance, but we urge you to create events like this in your own community. This event is geared to create a space of conversation and activism. There’s no more time to play catch up, and we have to speak to one another as a way to start the change we want to see. No one else is going to make steps forward unless you lead, so let’s all be leaders and challenge each other to do more, go farther, and never stop fighting.

Never Stop Fighting Poster