Juilliard Teach-in on the ‘Muslim Ban’

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Tomorrow (Tuesday) a teach-in concerning Trump’s travel ban will occur at 12:00 pm in the Writing Center on the 5th floor. A teach-in is an interactive seminar, often focused on matters of current events or social importance. Typically, like a sit-in, lie-in or die-in, teach-ins have no set end time.  The first teach-in occurred in 1965 at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and centered around United States’ involvement in Vietnam. 

Professor Aaron Jaffe has organized the event, which is scheduled to end at 1:00 pm. According to Professor Jaffe, other participants include Professors Andersen, Lioi, Mercier, Sanchez, and Wilson; and Assistant Dean of International Advisement Cory Owen. 

“This teach-in is important because the Juilliard community is essentially international and diverse,” wrote Professor Jaffe in an email. “Domestic and International students should be aware of U.S. government’s policies and how discourses of safety or security are frequently used to exclude and harm minorities. The teach-in will include brief talks on the nature of executive orders, histories of exclusion, cultural analysis, politics of resistance, and what the ‘Muslim ban’ means for the Juilliard community.”

Pizza will be served, and the event qualifies for Foundations credit.