JUILLIARD ASSASSIN: A campus wide game!

Campus Activities Board is hosting a Campus Wide Game of ASSASSIN!

The goal of the game is to build a larger sense of community throughout the campus. As we already know, school is in session and it is easy to retreat to the practice rooms! Our aim is to continue the hype of the new year and interaction with students in all divisions.

A Sign Up sheet will be located at the Office of Student Affairs from Monday September 11th-Thursday September 14th between the hours of 9am-5pm.

On Saturday September 16th, your targets will be distributed via your Juilliard Student Mailbox.

You have one week to capture your victim!

The game will reach its end at the Annual Juilliard Welcome Back Party: LETS GLOW CRAZY on September 22nd.


1. Each participant will receive an envelope with their victim’s name and information by Saturday the 16th

2. To commit the crime, the assassin will have to touch their victim’s shoulders with both hands

3. No other participant can witness the crime

4. A list with all the participant’s names will be provided to identify possible witnesses

5. Once the crime is committed, the assassin will now go after the dead’s personal victim, relieving them from their mission

6. Those who have been eliminated can now witness a crime

7. If someone is caught committing a crime, they will be automatically out of the game. The crime will be reported through the fb assassin page and the victim will be assigned a new pursuer

8. By the end of the game there will be two assassins looking for each other. The one who catches the other first, wins


10. The prize will be awarded during the LET’S GLOW CRAZY party