Valerie Kim

…Peaceful drowned in paradox/Of truth buried wanton…

Deepening blue
colored of all winds
the sad sorted freedom fighter
Peaceful drowned in paradox
Of truth buried wanton
beneath the depths of the big blue
Caressing the underbelly of disbelief
In how caging coexisting with free
Will be

Want of space to mine make
For golden hush for fuck’s sake
To waltz or perambulate through mine threshold
Into tailored expected scent kept in cold
To po to settle to breathe in
Cognizant of the simmering of sin
Without any penny in undesired interruption
To my pristinely defined chaos corruption
In this kettle mine, habitat shrine
Chosen particulars of my being, benign
Oftentime not so—but to liberate lift
Would force less down mine throat to sift.

“What goes up must come
(Crashing plummeting riding inevitable
roads two: appreciation & destined deviation—
Seek of repose in hide from innerworkings.
The void unthere unknown
The path to which hangs me foraging
Gorging to fill black holes
To be left heaving imploded)