Matthew Liu – “My Summer of 2018”

Matthew Liu, a composition major at The Juilliard School, shares the many adventures of his summer.

Editors’ Note: In August, we asked our readers to submit stories to the Citizen-Penguin about their summer opportunities and travels. Here Matthew Liu, a composition major now returning to Juilliard for his master’s degree, highlights his time away from Juilliard in a compilation video that features his own music.

In July, I had the incredible honor to write the processional music for my dear friend’s wedding in Mississippi. This same music is used to share with you the rest of my crazy, intimately memorable summer. They say “show, don’t tell,” so let me show you, with both my music and my memories, my summer of 2018, filled with people I love and places I long to be.

Matt Liu’s Kpop Cover

People think that to be a classical artist is to stuffy and disconnected to current culture. I appreciate kpop girl groups because of their sassiness, the high production values of their songs, and the intricate choreography. Even though I’m a composer, that doesn’t stop me from making dance cover videos of SISTAR’s 2014 hit “I Swear” — with me dancing ALL FOUR PARTS!