Today & Tomorrow: Actors’ and HistPerf Musicians’ TARTUFFE

Tartuffe. Saturday & Sunday, December 17th & 18th, 2016.*open to community members only*

Tickets reserved here—Juilliard community only. 

Directed by Mark Olsen.

With actors Leigha Sinnott, Sebastian Arroyo, Manon Gage, Daniel Davila, Juliette Kenn de Balinthazy, Nate Mann, Brandon Homer, Allen Tedder, Tracie Thomason, Nicholas Podany and Philip Stoddard and musicians Welvin Potter, Arash Noori, Adam Cockerham

Note: While The Juilliard School provides financial assistance for this project as part of the Juilliard Grants Program, the project is not a project of the School; rather, it is a student-initiated project.