Student Concerns re: Residence Hall

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“As citizen artists, we are responsible for the health of our communities, especially within the current socioeconomic climate of this country.”

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We, the undersigned students, are extremely concerned with the Office of Residence Life’s decision to close the Meredith Willson Residence Hall for the entirety of winter break this year. We fear that no students were consulted in the decision, so we are voicing our concern now.

Over 30% of our small student population is international; of those, the majority hails from East Asia. It can be financially devastating to travel the globe for a two-week holiday. This situation renders them effectively homeless and puts many students and their families in a position of financial burden. We are concerned by the email sent to the students from the Office of Residence Life, which states, “flight costs are not a reason for which we will grant extension past 8pm on the 22nd [of December] or prior to noon on Sunday, January 7th.”

President Polisi has reiterated the philosophy of the “Artist as Citizen” throughout his 33-year tenure. To charge students $15,990 – $19,970 to reside in the Residence Hall—including the first-year undergraduate students who are required to live on-campus—and then to treat them with such inconsideration for their financial and emotional wellbeing, is antithetical to that philosophy. As citizen artists, we are responsible for the health of our communities, especially within the current socioeconomic climate of this country.

Additionally, there still exists a separation of church and state in this country. So, why must the Juilliard School assume Christmas is a holiday celebrated by all students? Why must these students sacrifice their time and money in light of a religious holiday that is not their own? This assumption isolates many students in an attempt to clear the Residence Hall for thus far unknown reasons.

In previous years, Resident Assistants have been paid less than $50 per day to continue their duties during the winter break in the Residence Hall. Additional professional on-call positions were created this year, which ought to make it easier to staff the dorms. Especially considering that international students paid $150 to stay over during the vacation, we are confused with how these numbers add up.

But even more than financial considerations, we question the considerations as concerns building community at Juilliard. We ask the Office of Residence Life to reconsider their decision and reinstate the option for students to stay in the dorm over future breaks, as well as communicate with the student community on such decisions.

Michelle Geffner
Äneas D. Humm
Katelan Terrell
Aaron Albert
Alaina Rea
Angela Wee
Evan Atwell-Harris
Sarah Silverman
Carlyle Cooney
Annie Gard
Jake Darnell
Ricardo Pedrares
Matthew Liu
Khady Gueye
Xu Cheng
Natalia Kutateladze
Hannah Tarley
Leerone Hakami
Matthew Robert Maimone
Michał Biel
Michael Gabriel
Minji Kim
Lydia Graham
Iona Batchelder
Sylvia Jiang
Nathan Hirschaut
Taylor Ann Massa
Pablo O’Connell
Luke Sutliff (class of 2019)
Clarissa Castaneda
Isaiah J. Thompson
Janice Gho
Mitchell Kuhn
John Hewitt
Sophia Steger
Juliette Kenn de Balinthazy
Lisa Sung
Emma Richman
Salome Jordania
Phillip Solomon
Michael Vascones
Maximilian Morel
Jaylyn Elaine Simmons
Jesse Brault
Kaine Ward
David Bender
Joe Peterson
Russell Hoffman
Tyler Cunningham
Tiffany Sun
Ayoun Kim
Jessica Hong
Bianca Norwood
Rosie Yates
Sarah Sung
Rannveig Marta Sarc
Manon Gage
Michael Garcia
Alaina Surgener
Kevin Takeda
Kresley Figueroa
Frida S. Oliver
Helenmarie Vassiliou
Anthony Barrington
Sterling Elliott
Lynn Sue-A-Quan
Sam Siegel
Julius Rodriguez
Claire Satchwell
Olivia McMillan
Calvin Smith
Shereen Pimentel
Rinat Erlichman
Ariel Horowitz
Mikaela Bennett (International Alumni)
Nathaniel Silberschlag
Emily Tate
Casey Hess
Dominic Law
Matthew Quigley
Ma. Regina C. De Vera
Brittany Hewitt
Felix Moseholm
Álvaro Olmedo
Chea Young Kang
Phoebe Gardner
Hava Polinsky
Chris Reynolds
Lauren Siess
James Rootring
Anne Qian Wang
Philip Norris
Rachel Ahn
Alec Manasse
Noah Wang
Emma Pfitzer Price
Jieming Tang
Nicholas Podany
Jeffery Miller
Natalie Vargas Nedvetsky
Abigel Kralik
Anastasia Magamedova
Cameron Liflander
Mark Prihodko
Toney Goins
Jacqueline Tso
Erin Pitts
Chisa Kodaka
Keshav Moodliar
Mikey Garcia
Athena Tsianos
Nina Bernat